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1st Quarter '19

Updated: Nov 1, 2019


Welcome to my blog. Thanks for tuning in. Here we go!

Recent updates:

I'm not very familiar with retail stuff, but similar to how I have a galley/store open on my sister site, Crudearts.com, I hoped it would be appealing with Curb Beats to do. So I set up an account with Threadless Artist Shops. I plan to make some interesting designs using the Curb Beats moniker, track cover art, and other related items with their gear. The link to my store account is here. Please check it out and leave me any feedback on what you think. I like their selections and the creative designs by several artists I've checked out, not to mention my own.

I uploaded some additional tracks to both playlist apps in the Jukebox page. The releases will be at an undetermined time, as I have plans for a few to possibly tie in with new videos I put together for Crude Arts. I also might do a bit more tweaking to make the sound match up with the tone and the software I have when I push them out.

In the works:

I have started 30+ tracks in various stages of completion. My goal is to get some releases published (likely again with CD Baby for their business model) this summer,. The two I currently have aren't popular, but I'm betting on more exposure once I get out some more content and try some ad campaigns (and a miracle to get them done in a timely manner). Anyone reading able to share any tips about the ad services, notably Bing and Google (and possibly Facebook)?

For Crude Arts, I have been working on my first CGI based short video and hoped to get it out this month (with a previously mentioned music demo track). Unfortunately, I have done a lot of work in the set design (for a newbie) but I'm having some weird complication even starting the animation. It has taken a lot of time to work on and I really hope that I can recoup the work without having to redo everything. SMH. The time and work I have done all this week would be all for nothing. I hope to be an expert at these tools someday... very soon. I hate waiting to produce these ideas and taking longer for the works to get finished!

I waited too long for this dream as it is...

It has been a bit overwhelming trying to do so much in the short amount of time I can manage to spare. Not to mention all the material I'm studying, my full time paying job, and the money I'm investing into this. It really needs to work so I can work on improving in the crafts and expanding into additional media. I still see a lot of possibilities in the Crude Arts and Curb Beats projects and would love for you to be on the journey as we see great things come about. Hope you will let me know you were my number one fan when we have success! Thanks in advance for being open to this platform and your support.

Thanks for checking out this blog! Please keep checking in for updated content and just come back if you like to look things over. Share with me any feedback that you might have for this website and later blogs, etc. or share your story here.

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